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Free Giveaway (iPad Air 4/5 gen Matcha Green Case and Keyboard)! Celebrating National Teachers’ Day, May 7th, 2024!

We're celebrating National Teachers' Day, May7th 2024, by doing a FREE product giveaway!

As we approach National Teachers' Day, its important that we all reward and recognize the immense importance of teachers across the country. Teachers serve as the educational backbone for our children and its important to show appreciation for them whenever we can.

At RNDVU, we also recognize that teachers are among the most prominent of our customers and users. Lesson planning is one of the biggest uses of daily planners and we factor that into our designs. We're also happy to support this community where we can with special promotions, pricing and giveaways!

If you're teacher, simply order our fabulous green Avocado colored, 2-year daily planner on Etsy! Let us know you're a teacher via the Etsy messaging app and once we confirm your order, we'll ship you this lovely FREE iPAD case with keyboard, also in green.

This beautiful matcha green iPad Case and keyboard, nearly perfectly matches our Avocado Green Monthly Planner! Product details here, a $25.99 value!

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Order your Avocado 2024-2025 Planner using this link below:

Limited quantities, while supplies last!

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