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Introducing RNDVU's new Monthly Planner Digital Template, your planning tool for managing a month at work by each workweek. This digital template is sure to come in handy for anyone planning out their month either at work, home or both. 

With a divider between AM and PM, this template is perfect for planning events either in the morning or evenings. Its perfect for personal or business use. For including Saturday and Sunday, please see our 2 page Monthly template. Print unlimited versions for hard copies as no date is included in this version of the template!

In this version, you receive a paper white background version that is perfect for your iPad or Android device. Import the template into GoodNotes for use with the leading note app for iPad. 

Check out our other versions for dark mode and other extras. Please contact us if you have questions and follow us on Instagram or Twitter @RNDVUApp!

You will get a PDF (5MB) file