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Planning your experiences and engagements.

Event planning tools and templates for a wide variety of occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and more.

RNDVU ("RON-day-voo") comes from the French "rendez-vous", which means "to come or bring together" or "a place to meet". As a group, we came together believing that a lot of organizer tools are broken or don't focus on the needs of some of the hardest-working people with the most thankless jobs: organizers.

That's why we rally around the idea of "Organizer-Centered Design" -- everything we make is based on at least 1 conversation with a real-life organizer (outside our team, as we are all organizers ourselves, and as such, know the importance of listening to and working with the people we want to help).

Everything we make has the purpose of being the most thoughtful, delightful and easy-to-use tools, specifically for organizers

Whether you're a organizer for an association, nonprofit, book club, or board -- we see you, and want to help you focus on what you enjoy the most about bringing people together, and making great experiences.